Pokhara Nepal Discounted Tour package

After earthquake of Nepal tourism industry suffers extremely in Nepal. Pokhara one of the most popular tourist destination of Nepal is not also apart from this. Visiting rate of domestic tourist as well as international tourist to pokhara decreases dramatically.  To increase the flow of tourist as well as to revive tourism industry in pokhara tourism entrepreneur of pokhara offer heavy discount package of 15% upto 50% on various tourism services.

landscape view of pokhara phewatal with Machaphuchre  

Pokhara is not affected by earthquake of April 25 and May 12. All tourism based places and industries are as it is and full safe as before. But only the flow of tourist decreases due to fear of earthquake. So to revive the tourism they have offered discount on all inclusive deals, pokhara hotels and lodge, restaurants , pokhara tour package, tourist bus to pokhara, pokhara city tour, paragliding in pokhara, bungee jump, treks from pokhara, hotels in lake side, pokhara siteseeing, pokhara city tour, trekking from pokhara, apparel and trekking gears, bungee and zip flyer, ultra-light flight, trek guide fee.

Following is list of discount

Hotels and Lodge in Pokhara – 50 percent
Restaurant in pokhara – 20 percent
Trekking packages – 30 percent
Apparels Trekking gears – 20 percent
Trek guide – 20 percent
Tourist Bus fare – 20 percent
Bus reserve fee – 20 percent
Paragliding and ultra light flight – 15 percent
Bungee jump and zip flyer – 50 percent

The discount is applicable for both domestic as well as international tourist visiting pokhara and valid till 30th September 2015.

Infographics of discounted pokhara tour package

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