Visit Lumbini Help Nepal

Lumbini Nepal 'birthplace of Buddha' tourism decreases dramatically after massive Nepal earthquake of 2015. Flow of national and international tourist declines significantly so to promote tourism in Lumbini ‘Visit Lumbini Help Nepal’ activities is planned according to the tourism entrepreneurs of Lumbini Nepal.
Mayadevi temple in Lumbini Nepal

According to the president Chandra Prakash Shrestha of Siddhartha Hotel Association Nepal (SHAN) Lumbini a group of 11 members’ tourism entrepreneurs and journalist are heading towards Thailand on Friday June 5, 2015.

SHAN will be conducting Photo exhibition of Lumbini and other Buddhist areas of Lumbini Nepal in wat saket Buddhist temple in Bangkok Thailand. Also SHAN is showing in other different programs like photo exhibition, documentary and short movie exhibition and broacher of Lumbini are being shown and distributed to promote tourism in Bangkok Thailand.

During stay of Thailand SHAN group will be meeting Ambassador of Nepal to Thailand, NRN Nepali of Thailand, Thai people those who love Nepal and Lumbini to appeal help for promotion of tourism in Nepal and Lumbini after earthquake.
Buddha stupa in Lumbini Nepal

After massive earthquake Lumbini and other tourism places of Nepal are completely safe for tourism. Hotels and other tourism destination of Lumbini are not affected by earthquake. To promote this fact of Nepal and Lumbini Tourism entrepreneur of Lumbini are together  and are conducting a activities 'Visit Lumbini Help Nepal'.


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