Mini Ilam – Tea garden Near Kathmandu

Everest tea garden which is also popular as “Mini Ilam” is one of the beautiful place near Kathmandu for short duration outing. Everest Tea Garden is now trending traveling destination of the people of Kathmandu valley for Picnic, photo shoot, refreshment visit as well as one night stay. Mini Ilam is accessible by Private vehicle or by hiking; public transportation is rarely available.

Mini Ilam - Everest Tea Garden

Where is mini ilam?

Jaisigaun, Sindupalchowk in Bhotechour VDC

How to go to Mini Ilam [Route]?

Public Transport/Bike/Car: Buspark-Chabhail-Bouddha-Thali-Sankhu-JarshingPauwa-Bhotechour-Everest Tea Garden
Hiking: (Buspark – Chabhail – Bouddha – Thali - Sankhu by Public Transport)-mahadevsthan-JarhsinghPauwa-Everest Tea Garden

How far is it?

If you go by vehicle it is around 40 km from Old bus park Kathmandu and take around 2-3 hours. Way is little danger due to sharp turnings and some small land slide after the earthquake of 2015. On riding you can take rest at Bhotechour. From Kathmandu up-to Jaishi Gaum we should have to ride in pitch road and you should have to take left from here following the garbled road around 5 km. Be careful you may cross the Jaisi Gaun.
If you hike from the same route it is also around 40 km from Kathmandu and take around 4 to 5 hours including resting time in the Jarshinghpauwa. On hiking, after the bus trip up-to Sankhu you should have to take left and go to Mahadevsthan and then straight uphill hike up-to Jarsinghpauwa. After taking rest and some snacks at Jarsinghpauwa we can move towards our mini Ilam which is about 10 km ahead from here.

Buspark – Bouddha – 6 km
Boudhha-Sankhu -8Km
Sankhu-Jaharsing Pauwa -5km
Jaharsing Pauwa-Bhotechour-12Km
Bhotechour-Everest tea garden-5km

Activities to perform in Everest Tea Garden:

  • Scenery views
  • Picnic
  • Photo shoot of tea gardens
  • Hiking
  • Staying and have over night party in nearby hotels


Entry into Everest Tea Garden was closed last year by the Everest Tea Garden Management. Main reason to close the entry were wastage and garbage thrown by visitor and breaking of tea plant by visitors during photo-shoot. Management are trying to keep the tea garden clean, maintain the quality of production and are doing maintenance. Tea garden will be open soon for visitors.

Is there any hotels or resorts?

There are few hotels now in Mini Ilam where we can get some local taste foods like local chicken, rice and also dhindo. Recently trends of one night stay at the hotels are on growing and average cost of room is Nepali Rs. 500 to 800.
Best season to visit Everest tea garden is spring. Specially month like Chaitra, Baishakh, Jestha, ashoj, Kartik and Mangshir will be more suitable time to visit.

Ticket price and details

Hotel in mini Ilam - adress of tea garden village resort



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