Bhaktapur City: An artistic tourist Destination

Situated at the heart of Nepal and just around the three kilometer east from the capital of Nepal, there is historic and beautiful city Bhaktapur. Far from crowd, traffic and buzy life of the capital, Bhaktapur is the peaceful, eyen catching and lovely palace to room around and yesn it is famous place for the tourist in the name of refreshment and reasearch.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

One of the major palace to visit in Bhaktapur is Bhaktapur Durbar Square which is located at the heart of the Bhaktapur district which is one of the world heritages. The Durbar Square covers the large are and by its name it is obvious that number of Durbar can be found with the historical and cultural value .

Palaces and temple inside Durbar Square are Durbar realm, Bhairavnath temple, of of the main temple in Taumadhi square build as a  one sotry pagoda, the peakock window, which is also known as the monalisa of Nepal is a rare masterpiece in wood, Fattatreya square, Nyatspole temple, fast dega temple, vhayasuln mandap etc.

Bhaktapur district is not only prosperous in Durbar and temples, the district is also regarded as the district of art and district with artist. So it can be perfect destination for the tourists who are here in Nepla for the various proposal and aslon for the along refreshmentl.

Our Nepal and we the Nepalese are known to be rich in our unique diverse culture and tradition so, Bhaktapur can be the best place for the exploration of those things in which Nepali are proud of.

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