Lakeside Pokhara is now No Vehicle zone

Lakeside area of Pokhara which is also known as tourist hub of Pokhara is declared as a no vehicle zone from 23rd March 2018. No vehicle zone will be enforcing only on Friday and Saturday on the beginning but later it will be enforced for all seven days.

This campaign is initiated by different parties of Pokhara like Pokhara Tourism Council, Pokhara Metropolitan, Nepal Police (Pokhara Lakeside Area), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Community Service Center Baidam Pokhara, Nepal Tourism Board Regional Office Pokhara, Western Hotel Association, REBAN Pokhara and local political leaders and social workers.

View from Lakeside Pokhara Nepal

What this means to Tourist who are visiting Lakeside Pokhara?

  1. No vehicle in lakeside Pokhara you should have to walk by foot in lakeside street, but good news is that this is what tourist are doing from the beginning.
  2. This rule is just for tourist and taking care of tourist, so they can enjoy the street of lakeside Pokhara.
  3. Welcome walk on street of lake side Pokhara with the clear view of lakeside street shops and fishtail mountain. You will be more near to the culture of the Pokhara and the shopping will be fun.
  4. No vehicle that means no horn that means no noise which means no noise pollution and no air pollution. You can breathe pure oxygen and smell of fewatal together with Pokhara special food.
  5. You will get more chance to meet local people and other tourist. You will feel more equalize and homelier.
  6. You can walk freely without fear of vehicle and you can focus on beauty of lakeside. This could make your tour memorable and healthy.


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