Nepali New year - How to celebrate this new year

New Year

The New Year is one of the many festivals celebrated in Nepal. New year is celebrated with family gatherings and a lot of food and drinks. It is typically held in the second week of April which is the first day of Baisakh which is first month of twelve months on the Bikram Sambat calendar or Nepali calendar. This important day is celebrated as special ceremony with massive food and drink.

 Nepali new year is also a day of religious importance to many. On that day, early in the morning many people will go to temple to perform puja "ritual offering presented to gods". In this special day country is filled with beautiful smiles, wonderful celebrations with street dances, dramas, hikes and mela and social entertainment. People get together with family, friends, relatives and exchange their happiness and pain with each other.  Many individuals and organizations participate in the celebration and also funded the program. People believe everything start from this day and if they do something today then they will do same whole year.People mark the event with the ambition of having a lot of blessings and prosperity as they face the New Year.

Some more about Nepali New Year

  • New Year is also called Navabarsha.
  • New Year is a national holiday and celebrated fully.
  • New Year is celebrated together with Bisket Jatra in Bhaktapur, which is one of the largest Jatra in Nepal.


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