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Robot in Naulo Restaurant
The Naulo restaurant in Durbarmarg Kathmandu is a 100% naulo restaurant to Nepali customers as well to tourists. Naulo restaurant has a digital menu for food ordering and robots are for serving foods. Ordering food using the digital menu and receiving delicious food from robots is so fascinating. Cleanliness, peaceful environment and delicious multi-cuisine foods are the icings on the top.

Where is the Naulo restaurant located?

Naulo restaurant is located on the first floor of Capitol Mall on DurbarMarg Kathmandu.
Naulo Restaurant Location:
1st floor, Capitol Mall, Durbar Marg Kathmandu, Nepal 44600. 

How to reach the robotics restaurant in Nepal?

Naulo restaurant also known as the robotics restaurant is located in the most convenient location of Kathmandu that is in Kingsway. When you head from Mahendra Statue towards Narayanhiti Palace Museum it is on the left side, or you can say on the same side of KFC Durbarmarg.

If you are in Thamel Street (In front of Garden of Dreams) then

Total Time: 6 - 10 Minutes walk
  1. Walk towards Narayanhiti Palace Museum using the Narayanhiti path [5 Minutes walk]
  2. Take the left turn in the traffic signal in front of the Museum
  3. Keep walking towards Mahendra Statue for 1 Minute then on your right hand you will see Capitol Mall.
  4. Enter the Capitol Mall and go to the first floor.

If you are in Basantapur Durbar Square, 

the better option is to take a taxi to Durbar Marg or you need to walk for like 20 - 30 minutes to reach DurbarMarg. 

Total Time: 4-6 Minutes of walk
  1. When you reach in front of Mahendra Statue in Kingsway just head towards Narayanhiti Palace Museum for 5 minutes taking the left side of the street. 
  2. When you cross hotel Annapurna, KFC Durbarmarg, Pizzahut on your left side you will see Capitol Mall.
  3. Enter the Capitol Mall and go to the first floor, where robots are waiting to serve you.

Map of Naulo Restaurant:

What are the opening hours of Naulo Restaurant?

Restaurant Open's at 10:30 AM and Closes at 10:00 PM every day of the week. If you are planning to go earlier or you want to know availability then you can call at +977 1-4253511.
Opening hours: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM

When is the restaurant most busy?

Naulo Restaurant is the busiest on Friday and at 7 PM - 9 PM everyday. People spend 1-2 hours in the restaurant enjoying food and technology.

Can we do a reservation? 

Yes, you can do a reservation. For reservation call at +977 1-4253511.

Who is the Founder of Naulo Restaurant?

Binay Raut is one of the founders of Naulo Restaurant. Naulo restaurant is an initiative of Paaila Technology.

Do they have any slogan or saying?

Yes, the slogan of naulo restaurant is "where food meets technology".

How to order food at the restaurant? 

Customer surfs the digital menu for their order, touch screen menu is fitted into each table. They choose varieties of food from the menu and place an order through the system. They offer multi-cuisine food range from  Nepali food, Indian foods, pizza, and many other foods.
Naulo Restaurant Menu (Naulo Menu)
Naulo Restaurant menu (snip from official website)

Naulo Restaurant Menu:

Categories/Name Price (NRS)
Steal The Deal
    Chicken Quesadilla 495
    Jambalaya Chicken 640
    Jambalaya Shrimp 690
    Mutton Mo:Mo 305
    Naulo Cheese and Chicken (Madeira) 550
    Veg Quesadilla 395
    Boiled Mixed Veg 250
    Chicken Caesar Salad 350
    Salad Nicoise 395
    Thai Chicken Salad 370
    Veg Caesar Salad 300
Kathmandu Corner Bites
    Prawn Chilly 475
    Aloo Chilly 225
    Alu Sandheko 200
    Boiled Corn 230
    Chicken Chilly 325
    Chicken Choila 320
    Chicken Fingers 300
    Chips Chilly 240
    Corn Sadeko 220
    Fish and Chips 445
    Fish Chilly 310
    Fish Finger 325
    French Fries 255
    Golden Fried Prawn 490
    Mushroom Chilly 285
    Mushroom Choila 280
    Paneer Chilly 270
    Peanut Sandeko 215
Mo:Mo / Chowmein & Fried Rice
    Chicken C Mo:Mo 275
    Chicken Chowmein 270
    Chicken Fried Mo:Mo 275
    Chicken Fried Rice 275
    Chicken Jhol Mo:Mo 290
    Chicken Manchurian 345
    Chicken Mo:Mo Kothey 275
    Chicken Mo:Mo Steam 250
    Egg Chowmein 235
    Egg Fried Rice 240
    Fish Manchurian 380
    Mixed Chowmein 295
    Mixed Fried Rice 310
    Veg C Mo:Mo 260
    Veg Chowmein 220
    Veg Fried Mo:Mo 225
    Veg Fried Rice 220
    Veg Jhol Mo:Mo 250
    Veg Manchurian 300
    Veg Mo:Mo Kothey 250
    Veg Paneer Mo:Mo 230
Indian Tadka
    Chicken Biryani 400
    Chicken Butter Masala 400
    Chicken Tikka 320
    Dal Makhani 350
    Jeera Rice 160
    Mattar Paneer 370
    Mix Veg Curry 300
    Mutton Biryani 490
    Paneer Butter Masala 340
    Paneer Tikka 280
    Plain Rice 120
    Tawa Roti 35
    Veg Biryani 330
    Al Forno Chicken 570
    Al Forno Veg 490
    Alfredo 450
    Spaghetti Bolognaise 545
    Veg Spaghetti 390
    Barbeque Chicken Pizza 590
    Cheese Burst Chicken Pizza 750
    Cheese Burst Veg Pizza 700
    Chicken Hawaiian Pizza 590
    Chicken Heaven Pizza 590
    Fungi Mushroom Pizza 550
    Margarita Pizza 500
    Meat Lover’s Pizza 590
    Mixed Veggie Overloaded 600
    Paneer Pizza 550
    Pollo Chicken Pizza 590

Note: This menu is not official from the Naulo Restaurant and prices may be different. I take reference of foodmandu menu.

How food is served?

When food is ready in the kitchen, robots get a signal and go to the kitchen counter, pick the food and serve it to the respective customer's table. Customer needs to take the food and there are other associated to help if you need.

Can I buy online?

Yes, you can order online from Foodmandu. The price in the menu above is listed from Foodmandu.

How to pay?

You could pay using cash or card.
Interior of Naulo Restaurant
Interior of Naulo Restaurant

How expensive is the place?

As for central location like Durbar Marg and uses of advanced technology and beautiful interior,
the price seems reasonable. It is not cheap but neither the expensive.  

How is the customer review?

Most of the customer seems happy with what they get in Naulo Restaurant. There are overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google Review and Trip Advisor review. Most of the customer suggest to visit the restaurant once and promise themself to visit there again. Besides food and technology, there is the sentiment of supporting Nepali products.

You can see more review from
  1. Google Review (search Naulo Restaurant)
  2. TripAdvisor

Now let's concisely talk about Robot waiter - Ginger

The robot who serves food in the restaurant is made by Paaila Technology and named it "Ginger waiter robot". They declared Ginger as a female robot and is 5 feet tall (1.5 meter). She can understand and speak Nepali and English language even she can cracks jokes. Children and other visitors often take selfies and photos with Ginger.

You can also watch following video to know more about naulo.

Hey if you visit the Naulo Restaurant, please leave your view/review on the restaurant. What you like and dislike of the restaurant in the comment section below.


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