Why fire catches in Victory Lounge ? - Kingsway [Update]

A massive fire caught Kingsway, based Victory Lounge on Sunday, October 13, 2019. An electric short circuit sparked the fire and got massive because it starts burning alcoholic beverages and other highly flammable materials.

Incident Detail: (Time is around)

6:00 PM: Fire caught because of an electric short circuit. The club staff had tried to extinguish the fire immediately after it broke out. But it goes out of control, and they contact the police.

6:45 PM: Fire brigades from Kathmandu had reached the site and started to extinguish the fire with a joint effort of the firefighters, locals and security personnel. Eight fire-brigades were being used to take control of it. The fire took place on the 7th floor of the building so it becomes difficult to douse it.

8:30 PM: The fire was taken into control.

Incident Report: 

No human casualties were reported in the incident but one firefighter was injured during the incident. An exact assessment of damage is yet to be made, but it is suspected that everything in the club damaged by the fire.


An electric short circuit may be the cause of the fire. Delay to take prompt action and height of the building are also other factors that cause the fire.

Video of fire on Victory Lounge Durbarmarg - Kingsway:


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