Bamboo Biryani in Kathmandu Nepal [With MENU]

Bamboo Biryani is biryani completely cooked inside bamboo. In Kathmandu Nepal, there open a restaurant called Bamboo Biryani. They cooked biryani in a one-foot long bamboo log in an open kitchen and serve in the beautifully decored restaurant. Bamboo biryani is considered as healthier food.
Bamboo biryani in Kathmandu Nepal
Bamboo Biryani Kathmandu Nepal
A couple of months ago, I watched a video of cooking bamboo biryani in Grandpa kitchen and was searching for the place that cooks biryani in Kathmandu. I found that few 5-star hotels used to make this but not on a regular basis. But lately I came to know about this Bamboo Biryani restaurant and I visited the restaurant to taste the biryani. Let me share with you my experience and detail about the place.

Let's start by answering what is Bamboo biryani?

Bamboo biryani is biryani cooked inside bamboo. There are two types of bamboo biryani
  1. one is cooked inside bamboo and served (available in Bamboo Biryani restaurant)
  2. Another is cooked as regular biryani and served in a bamboo log
In the bamboo biryani restaurant, they serve biryani cooked inside bamboo which has an amazing taste. Marinated meat, rice, and other ingredients are stuffed inside a one-foot long bamboo shoot and burnt slowly with firewood. It takes about a half-hour to be completely cooked. Finally, biryani gets pulled out from bamboo and served using a plate. You could see how the biryani is cooked and served.

Where is Bamboo Biryani Restaurant?

The Bamboo Biryani is located in between Ratopul and Setopul. This restaurant is near Swacon International Hospital.

Address of Bamboo Biryani:

Rudramati Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal



What are the opening times of Bamboo Biryani?

They served from 11 AM to 8 PM every day.

How much it cost for bamboo biryani?

They got three flavors of biryani and cost differently. For a foot-long bamboo log of biryani which is enough for 2 people costs 350 Nepali rupees.

Menu and Price of bamboo biryani

Chicken Biryani (Rs.350 /-)
Mutton Biryani (Rs.450 /-)
Paneer Biryani (Rs.350 /-)

What is parking availability?

Parking is available for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Is there any other branch?

No there no other branch of this restaurant. The restaurant is owned by the very inventive owner who already established the famous Bhakka house and Matiya House.

If you want to see about Bhakka House you can check this video:

This video is about Matiya House, please check it out.

This one is my favorite bamboo biryani video from the Grandpa Kitchen. Although Grandpa passed on October 27, 2019, the memories which he created and shared will always be in our heart.

Latest one from the Grandpa Kitchen

My last words:

The restaurant is decorated so tastefully with all bamboo including tables and chairs. I found the authentic flavor of bamboo which was something new to me. Bamboo biryani is a new taste for every Nepalese. I also like the way they support the Nepal Visit year 2020.
PS. lets support bamboo planting and green world.


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