EVEREST - The mountain that changed my life [Video Documentry 2019]

I want to share the videos of Nepal and Mountain Climbing experience of different people. Definitely climbing the mountains and visiting those snowy rocks is a unique experience which you could get only by visiting those place. But I hope this video will help you to realize the reality of the place and virtually travel the place.

EVEREST - The mountain that changed my life

The following video is an experience shared by Rizza Alee. Rizza Alee is the youngest mountaineer of Kashmir to reach Mt. Everest.  He shared how he dreamed of Mount Everest from his young age, how he prepared himself to climb the summit and what he encountered through the journey. He mentioned how it feels when you see life and death in the moment. He also describe how it feels when you have to choose between life and the dream. 


Must watch VIDEO. Thank you Rizza Alee for sharing this video with the world. Hope many people got inspired by his priceless experience.

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