Greater Nepal [With Video and Map of Greater Nepal]

Greater Nepal is united Nepal before the Sugauli treaty. Greater Nepal was about 60% greater than the current Nepal. Greater Nepal border starts from Sikkim-Jalpaiguri in the east and the border goes up to Sutlej in the west. The concept of Greater Nepal at present days is that Nepal should get back the territories that were ceded because of the Sugauli treaty. Let's talk about Greater Nepal in detail.

greater nepal image
Greater Nepal

Nepal is known as the roof of the world because of Mount Everest, as the birthplace of Gautam buddha. Nepal is also known for Brave Gurkhas who fought bravely with the British Empire. Nepal was not colonized by the British Empire. The story of Greater Nepal is related to the bravery of Gorkhas and the win and lose of the wars.

Nepal was ruled by the Kirat dynasty during 800 BCE–300 CE for about 1,225 years. During the Kirat dynasty, the border of the kingdom was the following:
            Eastern border: Kamaru Kamakshya
            Southern border: Pataliputra Katur
            Western border: Kangada

The rule of Kirati's dynasty was about to end and Lichhavis were emerging. Nepal was divided into 53 pieces during Lichhavi's era. Later Prithivi Narayan Shah started to unite the greater Nepal.

History of uniting the Greater Nepal (ग्रेटर नेपाल):

1799 BS. [1743 AD] - Prithivi Narayan Shah becomes the King of Gorkha
1800 BS. [1744 AD]- Nuwakot attacked and started unification of Nepal
1819 BS. [1763 AD]- Annexed Makwanpur
1823 BS. [1766 AD]- Annexed Kirtipur
1825 BS. [1768 AD]- Annexed Kantipur and Lalitpur
1826 BS. [1769 AD]- Annexed Bhaktapur then Kathmandu become capital of Nepal
1830 BS. [1774 AD]- Annexed Chaudandi
1831 BS. [1775 AD]- Annexed Bijayapur
1831 BS. [1775 AD]- Prithivi Narayan Shah Died and his eldest son Pratap Sing Shah become the king

1831 BS.- 1834 BS [1775 AD - 1777 AD] - Pratap Sing Shah annexed Chitwan to Nepal
1834 BS. [1777 AD]  - Pratap Shah died and minor Rana Bahadur Shah becomes the king and Queen Mother Rajendra Lakshmi took the state power in her hand and started the unification

1834 BS. - 1842 BS. [1777 AD - 1785 AD]- Annexed Lamjung, Tanahun, and Kaski [24 Principalities / Chaubise rajya]
1842 BS. [1785 AD] - Rajendra Laxmi died and Bahadur Shah youngest son of Prithivi Narayan Shah started to rule again on behalf of Rana Bahadur Shah and started unification

1842 BS. - 1844  BS.[1785 AD - 1787 AD] - Bahadur Shah won up to Tista river and extend the border of greater Nepal to Tista river east
won '24 principalities' in west
1844 BS. -1847 BS. [1787 AD - 1790 AD]- He won '22 Principalities', Karnali region conquering Jumla, Doti state and extended west border to Mahakali river
1847 BS. [1790 AD] - won Kumaon
1848  BS. [1791 AD] - won Gadhwal

But because of Nepal-Tibet war, the unification of Kumon and Gadhwal was stopped
After the death of Bahadur Shah Prime minister of Nepal Bhimsen Thapa and Commander, Amar Singh Thapa led the unification campaign of greater Nepal

1861 BS. [1804 AD]  - Annexed Kumaon and Gadhwal and border reached up to Jamuna river in west
1861 BS.[1804 AD] - Annexed many small states lying between Jamuna and Sutluj also known as the Thakurai States
1863  BS.[1806 AD] - attacked Kangada City but couldn't win and settled the west border of greater Nepal at Sutluj river

Unification initiated by Prithvi Narayan Shah at 1799 BS. was lead by Kaji Amar Singh Thapa at 1863  BS. Nepal during 1863 BS. is actual greater Nepal.

what were the eastern and western borders of greater Nepal?

Eastern border: Tista river
Western border: Sutluj river
greater nepal image with borders
Greater Nepal with all area

1871 BS. [1814 AD]- East India Company started a war with Greater Nepal. East India Company attacked Nepal from five points (Sutulj, Dehradoon, Butwal, Birjung, Morang).

1871 BS. - 1872 BS. [1814 AD - 1816AD]- the war between East India Company and Nepal. Nepal lost at two points and won at three points.
1872 BS. [1816AD] - Sugauli Treaty was initiated between Nepal and East India Company
1914 BS.[1857AD]  - East India company gave back some land in the Terai region and Sugauli Treaty was concluded in Makwanpur
1917 BS. [1860AD]  - East India Company gave more land to Nepal in western Terai

After the completion of the Sugauli Treaty and getting back territories in two installments, current Nepal was formed.

Current Border of Nepal

Nepal is bordered by India in East, West and South, and bordered by China in North.

East: Mechi River
West: Mahakali River

Area of Greater Nepal:

Area of Nepal: 147,516* km2
Area loose by Nepal: 105,000 KM2 (about)
Total Area of Greater Nepal: 252181 km2 (about)
Total Area of Greater Nepal: 60% greater than Nepal = 147181*1.6 = 235489.6 km2 (About) 

* Government of Nepal unveils new political map on 20 May,2020. New map includes Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura inside Nepal borders. This map added 335 square kilometres of land in Nepal. Before including this area, Area of Nepal was 147,181 square kilometres and now it become 147,516 square kilometres.

Official Map of Nepal - 20 May, 2020

Map of Greater Nepal:

 I tried to get some best map of greater Nepal from the more authentic source.
Greater Nepal Map
Greater Nepal Map (Official)

Few links of Greater Nepal picture:

Political Map of Nepal

Political Map of Nepal
I compile this article on the basis of some of the following articles:

My main source is a video entitled  Greater Nepal in Quest of Boundary.

Greater Nepal Nationalist Front is the group of activist who believes in the dream of greater Nepal and actively involved in this movement. Also to follow greater Nepal news you can follow their official Facebook page.

I also searched in quora for greater Nepal quora articles. There Nabin Chalise explained detail about greater Nepal. Following are a couple of links for quora greater Nepal Articles:
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Although I tried my best to convert Nepali date (BS.) to AD, that might be incorrect, if you find any error in article please let me know, I will update accordingly.

Nepal has great history and all Nepalese people are proud of it. Greater Nepal is a dream of many Nepalese people and people are always asking for greater Nepal. I tried to write facts about greater Nepal as detail as I could. If you find anything to add or need to correct, please let us know in comments. Also please consider yourself as patriot of your country when writing in the comment box.

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